Document Codes

LIST EFFECTIVE 03/17/2003 UPDATED A/O 08/28/2007


AAT – appt. & acceptance of trustee(s)

ABAND – abandonment

ACCEPT – acceptance (any type of document)

AFFT – affidavit

AFFTCTF- affidavit & certificate

AFFT2- affidavit 2 refs

AFS- asgt.financing statement

AGRCTF- agreement & estoppel ctf

AGREE – agreement

ALLOW- allowance

ALTER – alteration

AMD1FS- amendment 1 ref. financing statement

AMD2FS-amendment 2 refs.financing statement

AMD3FS- amendment 3 refs.financing statement

AMEND – amendment

AMEND2- amendment 2 refs

AMFS- amendment financing statement

ANA – ante-nuptial agreement

APPEAL- appeal

APPT – appointment (any type)

APPTV – appointment & vote

APRV – approval

ART- appointment,resignation of trustee

ASGT – assignment

ASGT2- assignment 2 refs

ASGT2FS- assignment 2 refs.fin.statement

ASGT6FS4-assignment 6 refs fin.state 4 refs

ASGTASSU- assignment assumption

ASGTSU- assignment & subordination agree

ASSENT – assent

ATT – attachment

AUTH – authorization

BOND – bond (any type)

BYLAWS – bylaws

CAFFT- corrective affidavit

CASGT- corrective assignment

CATT- corrective attachment

CCOMP- corrective complaint

CCTF- corrective certificate

CDEED-corrective deed

CDIS- corrective discharge

CDOH- corrective homestead

CEMNT- corrective easement

CEXEC- corrective execution

CFD- corrective foreclosure deed

CFIND-corrective final decree

CFS – continuation financing statement

CJUDG- corrective judgment

CLIEN- corrective lien

CM- corrective mortgage

CMAR- corrective mortgage,assgt leases & rents

CMDEED-corrective master deed

CMERG- corrective merger

CNAUL- corrective naul

CNOTICE- corrective notice

COC- corrective order of conditions

COMP – complaint (notice of filing complaint)

COMP2- complaint 2 refs

CON – change of name

CONSE – consent

CONT – contract (any type)

CONTSOA- notice of contract statement of account

COU – change of use variance (or permit)

COV – covenant

CP – comprehensive permit

CPR- corrective partial release

CQC- corrective quitclaim deed

CQCAMEND- corrective quitclaim deed & amendment

CQCDOH- corrective quitclaim deed dec’l of homestead

CRETL – lien

CRIDER- corrective rider

CSP- corrective special permit

CSUBA- corrective subordination agree

CTAKN- corrective taking

CTF – certificate

CTFAMD- certificate & amendment

CTF2- certificate 2 refs

CTFD – death ctf.

CTFVOTE- certificate with vote

CZV- corrective zoning variance

DECLN- declination

DECREE – decree

DEED – warranty deed

DEEDDOH- deed with homestead

DEFAULT- default

DESIG – designation

DESRES- designation & resignation tr

DETERM- determination

DIS – discharge (any type)

DISB- discharge by bond

DIS2- discharge 2 refs

D1FS- discharge 1 refs. 1 fin statement

D1FS2- discharge 1 refs, 2 fin statement

D2FS2- discharge mortgage 2 refs,2 fin.statements

D4FS2- discharge 4 refs 2 fin. statement

D7FS5- discharge 7 refs 5 fin statement

DISCN -discontinuance

DISCTF- discharge with ctf

DISM- dismissal

DISM2- dismissal 2 refs.

DOH – dec’l.of homestead

DSCL – disclaimer

EAO- easement,assign,option

ELECAC- election & acceptance

ELECTION – election

EMNT – easement

ENTRY – entry

EXEC – execution

EXT – extension (any type)

EXT2- extension 2 refs

FD – foreclosure deed note:afft. is recorded separate

FIND – final decree

FIND2- final decree 2 refs

FS – financing statement

FTL – federal tax lien

IA – interim approval

INVEN – inventory

JUDG – judgment

JUDG2- judgment 2 refs

LAYOUT – layout

LEASE – lease

LICN – license

LIEN – notice of city & town liens

LISPN – lis pendens

M – mortgage

MA – modification agreement

MA2- modification agree 2 refs

MAF – mortgage,assign.leases,rents,fin.statement

MALR – mortgage,assign.leases rents

MAR- mortgage assign.rents

MDEED – master deed

MERG – merger

MFS- mortgage, financing statement

MLC – ctf.of municipal liens

MOTION – motion

MTW – waiver

NAUL – notice of activity& use limitations

NOTE- promissary note

NOTICE – any type (e.g.notice pet.for part.)

OBJECT – objection

OC – order of conditions

OPTION – any type

ORDER – order (including foreclosure documents)

ORDER2- order 2 refs

OT – order of taking

PASGT- partial assignment

PDSCL- partial disclaimer

PERMIT- permit

PETI – petition

POA – power of attorney

PR – partial release (any type)

PRFS-partial release financing statement

PR2-partial release 2 refs

PR1FS-partial rel 1 ref fin statement

PR2FS4 -partial rel 2 refs. fin statement 4 refs

PR4FS2- partial rel 4 ref.fin statement 2 refs

PR8FS5- partial rel 8 refs.fin statement 5 refs

PRFTL-partial release lien

PRSLN-partial release state tax lien

PRSUBA- partial release subordination agree

PRWVRSUBA- partial release waver & subordination agree

PWITHD- partial withdrawal

QC – quitclaim deed

QCCTF- quitclaim deed with tr.ctf.

QCDOH – quitclaim deed w/dec’l.of homestead

QCDOH2- quitcliam deed w/2 dec’l of homestead

QCE – quitclaim easement

R & R – rules & regulations

RAT- resignation,accept.of trustee

RAAT – resignation & appt.,accept. of trustee

RDEED – release deed

RDOH – release dec’l.of homestead

RDOH2- release dec’l.of homestead 2 refs

REL – release of lien

REL2- release of lien 2 refs(3,4)

REMAP- removal & appt of trustee

REMOV- removal

RENOR – renunciation of rights

RESAP – resignation & appt of trustee

RESCIS – rescission (reverse of release)

RESIG – resignation

RESTR – restriction

REV – revision

REVFTL – revocation fed tax lien

REVOC – revocation

RFTL – lien

REVFTL- revocation lien

RIDER – rider

ROFR – right of first refusal

RSLN – rel.state lien

SDOH – subordination of homestead

SDOH2- subordination of homestead 2 refs.

SFS – subordination financing statement

SLN – state tax lien

SOA – statement of account

SOC – superceding order of conditions

SP – special permit

STIP – stipulation

SUBA – subordination agree

SUBAFS- subordination fin.statement

SUBAMFS – subordination mortgage financing statement

SUBA2- subordination agree 2 refs.

SUBA2FS2- subordination agree 2 refs fin.state.2 refs(FS3)

SUBWAV- subordination & waiver

SUPPIND – supplemental indenture

TAKN – taking for non-payment of taxes

TAPPT- termination & appt of manager

TAUL – termination of activity & use limitation

TERM – termination (any type)

TERM2- termination 2 refs

TFS-termination financing statement

TRUST – trust

USCTF – lien

VACDE – vacation of decree

VOTE – vote

WITHD – withdrawal

WITHD2- withdrawal 2 refs

WITHD4- withdrawal 4 refs

WVR – waiver

ZV – zoning variance

ZVSP – Zoning variance/special permit