Revision log

This section of the site details any changes that have been implemented. If there are any questions or comments regarding functionality, please contact us.


A greater number of images are now available at no cost. Images in Recorded Land Book 8620 or greater are freely available. Images in Recorded Land Book 8619 or less are available for $1 per page through this site.


This web site will be updated on January 3, 2012 implementing a new imaging system for Common Records. The viewing and printing of documents recorded within the last 365 days are available at no cost.

Images prior to this 365 day period will be available for viewing at no cost. Downloading or printing these images will be charged at $1.00 per page.

We will update this site when more information is available.


All Grantor/Grantee Search results are ordered alphabetically instead of by document number.


When searching by exact date, queries with large numbers of results (greater than 500) were not displaying all results.


Grantor/grantee searching:

Common records may now be searched by date (mm/dd/yyyy) as well as by year.

Common records may also be limited to ‘one name only’ in grantor search.


An issue concerning the search and display of documents with more than one town (ie. ‘NB/ACUSH’) was corrected.


An issue concerning the display of indexing information in the Digital Image browser was corrected. ‘Wrapped documents’ were displaying indexing information for the previous book if a document continued in a new book.


An issue concerning the display of images of ‘wrapped documents’ (ie. documents that start in one book and continue in the next book) was corrected.